Ancient Egyptian Magic

Ancient Egyptian magic is thought to be the most powerful magic to have ever existed.  The ancient Egyptians believed magic was fundamental in the creation of all things and that harnessing its power could alter the course of reality. In ancient Egypt, there were no clear boundaries between magic, medicine and religion.  Thus, priests, doctors, and female healers used spells and rituals daily.

Papyrus Spell Amulets

Ancient Egyptian Magic Wands

In the latter part of Egyptian history, the third intermediate period (ca. 1070- 720 BCE) a new type of magical practice developed in ancient Egypt.  At this time the ancient Egyptians created oracular amulets to protect the wearer from misfortune .  These magical objects consist of a spell written on papyrus and placed within a case to be worn around the wearer’s neck. 


Demons, spirits, and malevolent forces were considered the root causes of various afflictions in ancient Egypt.  Thus magic was often employed to rid an individual of bad dreams, injuries, sickness, and to prevent complications with birth and pregnancy.  One way the ancient Egyptians actively harnessed the power to repel negative forces was through the ritual use of a magic wand (2030–1640 B.C.).  The wands were decorated with frightful creatures, often armed with knives.  These dangerous beasts were called "fighters" in ancient Egyptian.  They use their dangerous-ness to protect the person wielding the wand who performs the magic ritual. By using the magic wand the magician can harness the power and protection of the ferocious beasts invoked on the wand.  Two spells are written on the wand in hieroglyphs.  The pronunciation of the spell and directions for the ritual to be performed with the wand are included in the ancient Egyptian magic wand kit. The spell, ritual, wand shape and figures are all authentic. My hope is to share my love of ancient Egypt through what I have learned in all my years of research through fun hands-on projects that engage both adults and children.

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