This is a loose translation of an ancient Egyptian amulet once written in papyrus and worn around the neck of the high priest of Amun, Harmakhis who lived during the time of Pharaoh Shabaka (ca. 704-660 BC). 


***This is the copy of an ancient text, originally written in Demotic. It has been slightly modified so that the spell can apply to the wearer of this amulet.***


Here is a spell of protection against all sorts of maladies. The wearer of this amulet will be protected against all enemies, which are alluded to in a very general and cryptic manner. The Egyptians believed that illnesses were negative forces such as angry spirits or magic.


The cord necklace is tied with two simple overknots.  Such knot types were used for amulet necklaces because knots were also considered to be protective in nature by the ancient Egyptians.

Papyrus Spell Amulet